FOREX trading is the art of trading currencies. Currencies can be traded as currency pairs, otherwise known as the exchange rate.
Technical Analysis is the art of charting price data and developing trading strategies to predict the future of the market. Unlike Fundamental Analysis, it is mathematically based. 
A signal service provides Forex divergence signals to traders.

The featured signal service is based off of a technical analysis system that uses divergences of price and indicator oscillators to provide a prediction of the future price.
Get all your trading headlines in one spot! Forex News by RSS News feeds from market analyst and other experts.  Here you can learn more about the markets by following articles from various sources.
Metatrader is the #1 trading portal for independent traders. It is a trading terminal designed by and for independent traders to compete in the world Forex markets. 
Looking for Forex Brokers? Choose wisely! See the broker chart and compare brokers. Once you know your game by learning about FOREX and technical analysis, get a signal service for trade alerts, learn about metatrader to connect to the markets, do your technical and fundmental anaylsis by researching news articles; it is now time to find a forex broker.
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Welcome to Black Art FOREX Club for traders. A free school and research portal to learn foriegn exchange markets with many resouces for currency trading. A very advanced signal sevice provider to generate trade signals based on forex currency pairs---using technical analysis of forex charts in an automated fashion and providing fast signals to traders. There is a free trail on the signal service (a premium service after trial ends). Click the top right image to sign up for the signal service. 

This site map will guide you through the site resources that includes: trading news, forex how-to's, market analysis, trading tools, and much more. Explore the site and enjoy your free trial.
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