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The thick red lines on this H1 AUDCAD chart represent strong sells, while the thick pink lines represent weak sells. The sells worked out fantastically for this Aussie currency pair. Strong buys are depicted by thick lime green lines, while the aqua blue represent where weak buys occured. The buys did not amount to much in the above chart although there was some positive movement, allowing time enough to get out and some counter movement if the trader is fast enough. Alerts are the name of the game here, as they can be sent to your smart phone while on the move and a chance to profit.
Upon purchase of subscription, detailed rules will be sent to your email account. Your email will be where the signals are sent unless otherwise specified. You will have 5 free days of service and thereafter will be billed $25 USD per week unless cancled. However, during active subscription there are no refunds as there are cost to running computer terminals 24 hours a day for signals. Please don't expect free services, if you are not interested cancel before the trial period ends and don't renew if you are unhappy or cannot afford. However, I think you will be since this system produces many tradable entry points to make money.

For $25, you might be able to make $100's, or even $1000's off of the daily signals. I think it's a fair deal. Remember, there are substantial risk trading FOREX, which are discused with your broker you enter into an agreement and I am not responsible for your trade losses. I do wish you success and hope this system gives you the needed edge.
BLACK ART Trader Divergence Alerts 4 FOREX
Divergences are powerful leading indicators used by traders. By simple definition the word 'divergence' means to go away from in a different direction. In trading, these seperations represent market weakness or can be a verification of a prevailing trend depending on the reading. Divergence interpretation varies on a lot factors. But don't worry that's what the signals service is for---to provide signals and a trading ideas.

Divergences can provide concise reversal points in the market that most indicators fail to do. A divergence will find trend weakness like no other trading strategy.

Technical analysis has brought these geometric patterns into the hands of smaller traders, especially with the use of technology and alerts that can be automated. We can now branch out and take on the larger players with technology but only if we play our cards right, or simply trade with them by piggybacking their moves which can be spoted with divergence. A divergence can provide a trader with an edge on what the market will do in advance of a major or minor direction change, if played correctly, is very rewarding.

It is not 100% perfect and that is why this website provides supplemental information on trading. Click here to start from the beginning.  

Here are some examples in a live trading market with the Black Art Divergence Alerts system. Examples of the trading service provided through weekly subscription. These charts are used to send text signal alerts to subscribers by email or SMS text messages to phones. You will not recieve the visuals, just a text message with description of when these occur. The 5 day trial will allow you to experience it for free. Take a close look at the charts below for the currency pairs:
Want tradable leading signals?
The above two charts of the CADHKD and AUDCHF show the potential of many tradable leading signals. Knowing what to do and when to do are the battle. For as little as $5.00 a day you can have leading edge technology sending you instant alerts on the market. The default timeframe is H1 (1 hour bars) but you may specify which timeframe you use. Be sure to specify which currency pair you want and timeframe for your signals. 
Alerts are drawn off of a very complex system that will automatically send email alerts to
your SMS or email.  Remember you are not getting the system itself. These visualizations
are my system at work, the system is not for sale but the signals are. The free 5 days will
allow you to decide if you are interested.

Here's a further breakdown of how the signals occur:
Easily unsubscibe, no tricks or agressive marketing. The service sells itself. 
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